Emotional Support:

A diagnosis of cancer can be a very traumatic experience, and may have a profound effect on many aspects of your life. Learning how to cope with the diagnosis, and adjusting one's life according to the situation varies from person to person, the type of cancer, the treatment, and the prognosis of the specific cancer.

We will endeavour to be as supportive as possible and provide guidance according to your requirements. We have two councillors who provide emotional and practical support as part of our service. They may be able to assist with arranging social support groups and services, home nursing or assistance, and temporary or permanent disability depending on your needs. You are free to consult them at any time. If required, they will arrange for referral to outside psychology or psychiatric services.

In addition, a number of voluntary services exist that you may contact for support. These include, among others, the Hospice Association, the Cancer Association (CANSA), Cancer Buddies, People Living with Cancer, Pink Drive, and Reach for Recovery to name a few. Our councillors can assist you in making contact with the appropriate support group.

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