Mary Potter Oncology Centre:

The Mary Potter Oncology Centre opened in February 1999 and is named after Mary Potter, a Catholic nun who founded the Order of the Little Company of Mary in 1877. The Sisters of the Order first came to South Africa in 1904, and opened the Little Company of Mary Hospital in Pretoria in 1957. The hospital was later sold to Life Healthcare and is now known as the Life Groenkloof Hospital. In 1998 the Sisters realised the need for a holistic cancer treatment facility, where comprehensive treatment in a caring environment would be offered. Under the leadership of Sister Stephanie O’Keeffe a comprehensive oncology centre was established.

Today, we provide holistic cancer care with a team of medical oncologists, medical officers, nurses, pharmacists, research assistants, counsellors, and several other supportive and administrative staff. We work in close cooperation with other specialists and supportive services in the hospital, and nearby hospitals, to ensure holistic care. In addition to the out-patient clinic and chemotherapy facility, there are 42 in-patient beds in 2 dedicated oncology wards. The Centre is actively involved in clinical research, and has a dedicated clinical trials unit. Patients have access to international clinical trials evaluating promising new therapies in a number of cancers.

Radiation therapy is provided by an independent radiation oncology unit located next to the Mary Potter Oncology Centre. Comprehensive diagnostic facilities are available and provided for by independent nuclear medicine, pathology and radiology services. All specialities required for comprehensive care are available in our hospital and other nearby hospitals. We have satellite practices at Mediclinic Muelmed Hospital and Montana.

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