Follow Up Consultations:

Patients who do not require treatment, or who have completed treatment, are usually followed-up for a number of years in the oncology clinic. The objectives of follow-up are to monitor for any signs of recurrence of cancer, for the development of new cancers, or for any long-term side effects of treatment.

Your follow-up schedule is determined by the type of cancer and the risk of recurrence. In some instances you may be referred elsewhere for follow-up, or it may be deemed that you do not require any follow-up. For follow-up, we use the guidelines of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) to determine an appropriate schedule and investigations for each patient. Your oncologist may adjust this based on your specific circumstances.

During this time you may be seen by either your treating oncologist, or by one of our medical officers. Should there be any recurrence of your cancer, or should any complications develop, you will always be seen by the medical oncologist who is responsible for your treatment plan.

Please note: Some medical aids require that you obtain authorization before each follow-up visit, failing which they do not fund your visit or investigations. You may also be required to register on their oncology program at the beginning of each year. Please familiarise yourself with the rules of your medical aid.

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