What to Expect on Treatment Day:

In most cases you will be required to do blood tests before your consultation. This can be done at our practice by a pathology sister. Please arrive 40 min prior to your appointment, as your doctor will need the results before a treatment decision can be made. Alternatively, you can have your bloods done the day before at a laboratory close to you.

After your blood has been drawn, please report to the main reception where your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and weight will be taken by a nurse. You may then wait in the main reception until your consultation time. During this time, please take the opportunity to inform us of any changes in your contact details.

Once your blood results, and the results of any other tests are available, you can be seen by your doctor. If you stay far it’s advisable to have your blood drawn the morning before your next treatment at a laboratory near you. Please phone the sister on call between 14:00 and 15:30, to confirm that your blood counts are within the limits required for treatment. This cannot be done on a Saturday or Sunday. After you have seen your doctor, a receptionist will arrange your follow-up appointment and any investigations required for your next visit. Your chemotherapy prescription will then be handed in at the pharmacy, and the nursing sisters will help you to get comfortable in the treatment area.

The sisters will discuss practical points about your treatment and answer any questions you may have. Depending on your treatment regimen, treatment may be given weekly, bi-weekly, three-weekly, or monthly. On certain treatment days you will be treated as a “daily”, meaning that you will not see a doctor. This usually happens with weekly regimens, where you are not seen each week.

On some of these days you may be required to do a blood test; the results will be checked before you receive treatment. If for any reason you feel unwell, or do not feel ready to receive treatment on a day that you have been scheduled as a “daily”, please report this to reception. We will then arrange that you be seen by a doctor. When you are treated as a “daily”, please collect your chemotherapy script from your receptionist, check your details on the script, and hand it in at the pharmacy.

There is coffee and tea available in the treatment area. You are welcome to bring snacks or beverages to consume while receiving treatment. You may eat as normal before receiving treatment. If you have any medical questions please ask the nursing sisters or pharmacists, who will gladly assist.

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