Your Treatment Team:

You will be taken care of by a treatment team. The team consists of medical oncologists, medical officers, nurses, pharmacists, councillors, and administrative staff.

Members of the team all play a role in ensuring that your treatment is given correctly, and that you receive your treatment as seamlessly as possible. You will be assigned to one medical oncologist, who is responsible for your care and all treatment decisions. Your medical oncologist will be assisted by 1 or more medical officers during your treatment. On the first day of each treatment cycle you will be seen by either your medical oncologist or one of your medical officers.

They will be responsible for evaluating you, reviewing your blood results and other investigations, and prescribing your treatment. Treatment is prepared in our oncology pharmacy by oncology trained pharmacists. They are responsible for the ordering, receiving, storage and mixing of medicines as prescribed. In our satellite practices, your chemotherapy is mixed by either a pharmacist, or an oncology trained nursing sister. Together with the treatment nurses, they are responsible for verifying the accuracy of your script before mixing. They also provide instructions on how to take oral medications, and can be contacted for more information about your medications. Treatment is administered in the treatment area by oncology nurses.

Once you are home, telephonic and e-mail support is available through our clinical help desk. For after-hours emergencies your oncologist is available on his/her cellular phone, or via the Radiotel paging service (012 333 6000) . In the event that your oncologist is on leave, or not on call over a weekend, a stand-in doctor will be available through Radiotel.

Should you require admission to the oncology ward you will be looked after by a dedicated ward doctor, assisted by your oncologist and other specialists as required.

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